Send and Receive Text Messages to BT Landlines

September 27, 2008

This week saw us upgrade our SMS gateway offering by integrating a new supplier.

Our new supplier has a lot of great SMS features and services many of which we will hope to start including in all our products in the near future. The first of which is the ability to send and receive SMS Text Messages to/from BT Landlines in addition to more operators worldwide. Being able to send and receive text messages to landlines should open up further opportunities UK businesses wanting to market or contact their customers via SMS.


Have you checked your Alternator

September 24, 2008

With our new FAB Cars website focusing on private owned used cars it got us thinking, what is the most common dysfunctional part on a used car?

Well after a little research we came across this article on alternators by Quinton Becker which we have added to our website. A few pointers and warning signs that your alternator might be on the way out and suggestions on getting it tested.

Cool initial results for FAB Cars

September 16, 2008

Our initial results from launching this new website for cool cars looks very promising. Within 8 days of going live we managed to get to number one for four of our targeted search terms in a major search engine. So our rough estimation of 1-2 weeks for individual listings to show up in search results looks to be about right.

We shall see over the next few days how much traffic these search terms bring to our website and whether that traffic is generates any good leads.

ford puma in hastings eastbourne east sussexI guess one of our next tasks is to get more people to list their used cars on this site as at present we only have a Ford Puma in Sussex listed. With quite a high cost to list your car compared to other websites this might be a challenge but factor in that it’s about two hours work for a SEO specialist to prepare each listing then it’s quite good value. The proof of the pudding is in the eating they say so if we can demonstrate solid results of improved final value sales then the listing fee will be worth it.

Receive SMS

September 12, 2008

Receive SMSWe recently released a new product that allows UK businesses to receive SMS Text Messages as an email. We are very excited by this new service as it opens a whole host of new products we can develop.

In addition to allowing businesses to open new communication channels with their customers we have identified a number of features we can extend these SMS numbers with and coming up with new ideas on a daily basis.

We’ve already signed off and started working on SMS Autoresponders, a SMS Keyword Text Back Service suitable for Estate Agents and our own Text on Demand Local & National services, all of which you can find further information about in the future on this blog and on our main website. We are all very excited about these new projects and can’t wait to bring them to market.

More announcements very soon,

September 11, 2008

Buy Ford Puma at FAB is a new website designed and developed by us to allow Private individuals to buy and sell used cars. This website takes a different approach to selling cars on a website, in that each of the listings is optimised for the search engines.

Taking our knowledge of web development & SEO techniques we’ve integrated that into this website to help promote and increase the amount of traffic (excuse the pun) to individual listings. More traffic = better final sale price & enquiries.

It does take a little time to generate the extra traffic 1-2 weeks so not suitable for a quick sale, but we wanted a website where we could get a better price for our own Ford Puma car which is listed on there.

Time will tell how successful this approach to selling cool cars is, but according to our research 11.5m buyers start their search for a new/used car with a search engine rather than a dedicated automotive site, so hopefully we can capitalise on that.

Hello World!

September 10, 2008

Welcome to our new Blog,

Over the comming weeks and months we are going to be using this blog to make various products and service annoucements for our company FAB Enterprises & Innovations Limited . In addition to these annoucements we will also provide a little background to the development of our products describing that reasoning behind them and some of the challenges we faced.

So sit back, subscribe and enjoy our ramblings,

Thank You.