Receive SMS

Receive SMSWe recently released a new product that allows UK businesses to receive SMS Text Messages as an email. We are very excited by this new service as it opens a whole host of new products we can develop.

In addition to allowing businesses to open new communication channels with their customers we have identified a number of features we can extend these SMS numbers with and coming up with new ideas on a daily basis.

We’ve already signed off and started working on SMS Autoresponders, a SMS Keyword Text Back Service suitable for Estate Agents and our own Text on Demand Local & National services, all of which you can find further information about in the future on this blog and on our main website. We are all very excited about these new projects and can’t wait to bring them to market.

More announcements very soon,


2 Responses to Receive SMS

  1. Hip Packer says:

    Sounds like a great product. Would it work abroad? ie not UK

    • fabits says:

      The Geographic numbers only work in the UK I’m afraid but we do have Virtual Mobile Numbers that work with pretty much every GSM network worldwide. We’ve added the email/SMS forwarding & Autoresponse to both products along with the Keyword Manager and storing of messages on our website & the capturing/storing the sender’s number to your contacts and/or Distribution List. The Virtual Mobile Numbers that work internationally are a lot more expensive than the Geographic numbers details can be found on our website

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