New Shy Kids – Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that a new batch of stock has been built and will soon appear on our main Shy Kids website.

Shy Kids are UK Timeout Dolls/Corner Dolls/Peek-a-boo dools/hide-and-seek dolls. They are handmade ornimental dolls designed to standing in a corner in Timeout. 

We recently moved Web Hosts to new hi-tech high speed servers but this broke our website which is why visitors can’t purchase anything. We are busily trying to build a new website which we hope will be available soon, in the meantime customers can call to place orders or have images of our new stock sent to them for perusal.

As a sneek peek we have a picture below of our most unusual Shy Kid to date, “The Weeping Angel”. Every element of this fabulous new doll has been handmade, from the doll itself of course, to the dress & wings and the Halo. Stunningly realistic this Shy Kid will certainly make an usual unique gift or an incredible conversation piece.

We are hoping our main Shy Kids Website will be available in a couple of weeks time.

Weeping Angel Shy Kid

Weeping Angel Shy Kid


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