FAB Affiliate Programme

April 28, 2009

The FAB Affiliate Programme is now available, earn money or SMS credits by recommending FAB Products and Services.

Providing something a little different in an affiliate programme we’ve decided to allow payments either via PayPal or SMS credits. This allows us to remove the minimum payment limits that most affiliate schemes enforce. Affiliates can choose at any time their preference for payment if choosing to have SMS credits added to their account we will add an additional 10% to the value of earnings .

We’ve coded the affiliate tracking software ourselves, we’ve done this as we have more than one website participating in the affiliate scheme and plans to add a lot more. Existing affiliate tracking software and networks couldn’t cater for the unusual set up we have and besides we also wanted to reward our affiliates with lifetime commissions. Affiliate networks come and go as well as software vendors so we couldn’t rely on the ability to pay lifetime commissions if we hadn’t written the tracking software ourselves.

It works very well, initially tracking visitors with a 30 day cookie until they sign-up and create a customer record with us, there after the customer is assigned to the referring affiliate and any future purchases are acrediting to the affiliate for the lifetime of the customer. Rediual income can be made indefinately.

Which some very generous commissions available why not sign up to our affiliate programme yourself? Visit our website and follow further instructions.


Send SMS bigger than 160 characters

April 10, 2009

Being restricted to 160 characters can be a bit of a bind when sending SMS text messages to customers, staff and colleagues. To bring us in line with some of our competitors we are please to say we can now send text messages bigger than 160 characters to compatible mobiles. The theorectical size of a SMS text message we can send is now 38,250 characters long. Yes you read that right 38,250 characters, long ¬†enough to send the first four chapters of Tolstoys’s War and Peace! It would only take 83 of our super-sized messages to send the entire book!

So how does it work?

Well it’s a little smoke a mirrors really, it’s not physically possible to send a message bigger than 160 characters instead we send lots of smaller messages that reform on a compatible handset to make one long SMS message. You get billed for each of the smaller messages but the limit of 160 characters can now be ignored if need to get your message across¬†

For more information and to send SMS bigger than 160 characters from your computer please visit our main website at http://www.fabit.com