Send SMS bigger than 160 characters

April 10, 2009

Being restricted to 160 characters can be a bit of a bind when sending SMS text messages to customers, staff and colleagues. To bring us in line with some of our competitors we are please to say we can now send text messages bigger than 160 characters to compatible mobiles. The theorectical size of a SMS text message we can send is now 38,250 characters long. Yes you read that right 38,250 characters, long  enough to send the first four chapters of Tolstoys’s War and Peace! It would only take 83 of our super-sized messages to send the entire book!

So how does it work?

Well it’s a little smoke a mirrors really, it’s not physically possible to send a message bigger than 160 characters instead we send lots of smaller messages that reform on a compatible handset to make one long SMS message. You get billed for each of the smaller messages but the limit of 160 characters can now be ignored if need to get your message across 

For more information and to send SMS bigger than 160 characters from your computer please visit our main website at


Introducing Web SMS from FAB

March 31, 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of Web SMS, a new SMS service for sending and receiving SMS text messages using your browser.

Utilising the same SMS sending account as our popular FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook you can now choose between sending SMS via your desktop and now via the Web.


  • Easy to use: we’ve designed our Web SMS service to be as familiar as using Web based email.
  • No specialised hardware or software to install, just use your favourite Web Browser to send and receive SMS messages.
  • Quick & reliable; messages are typically delivered within seconds using high quality routes to ensure delivery.
  • Saves time contacting multiple recipients when compared to traditional telephone contact.
  • Save money when compared to other marketing media or sending SMS to international destinations.
  • Use either or both WebSMS and the FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook to send & receive SMS from your computer

When used in conjuction with a dedicated inbound SMS number, WebSMS allows you to receive replies and/or have inbound SMS delivered straight to your personal SMS inbox. This provides a complete online SMS solution.

For more information about acquiring a dedicated inbound SMS number please visit our website at , call us 0844 884 2535, email us or Text Us on 01424 400007 (which we will receive in our online inbox)

If you already have a SMS account with us you can login now and start enjoying the benefits of WebSMS. Alternatively if you would like to know more click the “tell me more” button below.

Motivational Quotes by SMS

January 19, 2009

Add a little zing in your life with a motivational quote by SMS.

Text MOTIVATION to 01424 401066 and get back an inspiring quote to keep going if you’ve lost a little bit of drive. (UK Only)

Quotes are just charged your normal network rate and you get five free quotes before you are prompted to register/sign up for a SMS sending account.

This is mainly aimed at business owners who have lost a little bit of drive during this downturn. We decided to add MOTIVATION to list of many other keywords you can send to this number as it can be hard to find that drive when the outlook for the economy is not that good. Some example of the quotes you can receive are

  • Success is not so much what we have it’s what we are.
  • All you efforts are like money in the bank.
  • Man’s greatest limitation is the one created in his own mind.

For more details on this Motivational SMS Quote and other keywords available please visit our main website

Free International SMS Providers

December 15, 2008

Are you looking for Free International SMS?

When it comes to sending Free International SMS there is no such thing! Well with the notable exception of sending to a few countries. USA & India for example where the recipient pays the cost.

In general it costs to send a SMS Text Message to most networks. Providers of Free SMS services are absorbing the costs themselves and are not providing Free SMS at all. Their hope is that you will sign up to their other products & services and so help to pay for your free SMS or in the case of non reputable providers to harvest mobile numbers of you and your recipient or charge you the read the message (horror stories of upto £5 just to read a free SMS have been heard of).

It’s important to read the small print of of the Terms and Conditions of Free SMS suppliers. Some reputable suppliers will limit the the number of messages you can send in a day or destinations you can send to. You and your recipient may be asked to both sign up to receive SMS or you may be given Free SMS in return for receiving SMS adverts, whatever the conditions do take before signing up.

For non reputable suppliers you’re likely to be ripped off, scammed and spammed. As soon give away your mobile number and that of your recipient chances are you & your colleague will spammed continually thereafter and your details sold on to other scammers/spammers. Some Phoenix companies offering free SMS for life for a fixed fee, may after getting you to part with your cash, just shut down and re-emerge under a different name, keeping your hard-earned and not providing you a service. There is even one scam we’ve heard of that allows you to send a free SMS Text Message but requires the recipient the pay a fee to read it. What the recipient is unaware of is this might be £5, absolutley incredible.

Well now you know all about sending Free International SMS and the many pitfalls to watch out for; who can you trust? Well we can’t go into all the suppliers out there but we can tell you about ourselves:

FAB Enterprises’ Free International SMS offer allows you to send SMS Text Messages to over 160 countries worldwide absolutely free!!! We only use the best most reliable routes/gateways in order to send your message so you are guaranteed high speed, high availability and reliable delivery. Why is it free? Well there is a catch…but it’s a nice one! Affiliation….In order for us to provide you free SMS you’ll need to do something for us in return, recommend our products to others. As soon a friend or colleague or visitor to a website of your’s buys something from us on any of our websites we will pay you a referral fee in the form of Free SMS which we credit to a Sending Account. You can then use your free SMS with a variety our SMS sending products like “Web SMS” a browser based sender, “FAB SMS Addin for MS Outlook” or Text1066 a fun SMS Text Back product.

Our Free International SMS Affiliate programme is not quite ready but will be available very soon in the meantime if you want be notified as soon as it available either sign-up to our FAB newsletter or Text the keyword FREESMS to 01424 400007 and we’ll let you know when it is ready.

Just a quick note, it should be quite easy to earn referral fees as we have a number of different types of websites for you to recommend, from our Business and fun SMS services to a video games website, craft website and a automotive site, all of which pay generous referral fees. – SMS Solutions for Small Businesses

Why Text1066 was developed

December 13, 2008

So what’s the thinking behind

Text1066 is a new SMS on demand service for Hastings, East Sussex. The service allows Hastings Mobile owners to get various info delivered straight to their phone by texting keywords to 01424 401066. Information can range from Tide Times, Cinema Times, Jokes, Quotes, Chat up Lines, Taxi Numbers, Pizza delivery companies etc.

The main thinking behind this was for me (chief software architect of FAB) to get the latest Tide Times on demand whilst out & away from the PC. Not wanting to get stranded by the Tide when walking on the beach between Hastings and Fairlight, I wanted to know whether the Tide was coming in or going out and how much was available before hide tide.

Following on from this I thought if I was down the Pub and Single what information would I need, this is when the Chat Up line keyword was added and then the Saucy Chat Up line to really make the girls laugh. Oh to be young and free again. But hang on once the Chat Up line has worked and you’ve been dating for a while then how about whispering a sweet nothing into the ear of your lover. Now this keyword is one of my favourites, a really romantic slushy saying to use on your lover. Lets face us guys don’t have a way with words but so what, Text LOVE to 01424 401066 and have just the right words to say at just the right moment.

Each keyword tended to lead onto the next with Jokes following, then Deep thoughts and then continuing with the Pub theme how about some choice Insults for your mates.

The content on Text1066 is growing at a good rate and we are adding new keywords and more jokes, quotes etc all the time. So if you are after some Funny SMS, Love SMS or SMS Jokes take a look at this new service from FAB Enterprises.

SMS On Demand

December 5, 2008

Well, we are pleased to announce the Technology Preview of a brand new SMS On Demand service, which we are calling Text1066.

So what’s it all about? In a nutshell Text1066 is a Local information service that uses SMS Text Messaging. The service is available for Hastings, East Sussex but it is hoped that we will provide local information services for many different areas in the future. It works by sending a SMS Text Message containing a predefined keyword to 01424 401066 and getting your required information back. The sorts of information available includes/will include Local Tide times, Taxi numbers, Library opening times, Cinema listings, What’s on etc.

In addition we have added some funny SMS keywords, like SMS Jokes, Yo Mama Jokes, Funny Wisdom quotes, Alternative Confucius sayings and choice insults to use on your best mates. We also put some Wise, Spiritual and Psychic options on there as well, so you can request a quote from the analects of Confucius, a passage from the Bible (book of proverbs) or even receive a mobile fortune cookie. One of the fun keywords on the system is the Crystal Ball, if you are deliberating over a tough decision then, hold your mobile very closely and think of the question; send a Text Message with the keyword Crystal Ball to 01424 401066 and get the answer straight back.

The Technology Preview of Text1066 is a work in progress but fully operational and can be used while we add additional keywords and content to the service.

For more information take a look at the summary page of our new SMS on Demand Service on our main website which has a list of current keywords and a brief on how it works.

Look out for our next blog post where we go behind the reasons of why we’ve developed this system.

SMS to email

October 3, 2008

So how can you receive an SMS as an email?

Well, there are several ways to get that SMS to email functionality. The main ones are:

  • Have a mobile attached to a PC with some kind of polling software to monitor inbound SMS messages and convert them into an email and send it. This has obvious drawbacks as the PC will need to be on all the time and you have email software installed on the PC in addition to have the technical knowledge to do it
  • Another SMS to email solution would be to register a Inbound SMS Geographic Number, this is UK long number that looks like a landline eg 020 718718718 for example. There are a couple of suppliers out there that can provide this including us, prices statrt at £59.95
  • The next SMS to email option is Virtual Mobile Numbers, these look like real mobile numbers but are hosted virtually at a main networks SMSC. Virtual Mobile Numbers can receive quite a few SMS at a time 10-20 per second so quite good if you are looking to host competitions or expecting high volume response. We sell these for £600 per year but can get them a little cheaper elsewhere. We add a few extra features with ours which can potentially open up more possibilities for yourselves.
  • Next up on the SMS to email front is Hosted SIM, this is where we or another supplier take your SIM card and host it at a datacentre or SMSC. Great throughput again as you are directly connected to the main network and you have the added bonus of keeping your SIM at the end of the subscription period. Hosting a SIM also allows you to accept SMS as email on a foreign number.
  • Last up on the SMS to email front are Short Codes. and Short Codes with Keywords. This can be an expensive option for your SMS to email needs, typically £800 to have the same shortcode across all 4 networks or £50 a month per keyword on a Shared Shortcode. Although shortcodes are the most familiar option with most consumers recognising them; it can be just out of the price range for most small businesses.

So there you have it 5 different ways for your business receive SMS as an email, which one you choose is down to your budget or number preference, Geographic Number, Long Mobile number (mobile attached to PC), Long Mobile Number (Virtual Mobile Number), Hosted SIM (Your own number) or a Short Code (5 digit number).

For more information have a look our main FAB Enterprises & Innovations Ltd website where we have a comparision chart for three of these options.