Cool initial results for FAB Cars

September 16, 2008

Our initial results from launching this new website for cool cars looks very promising. Within 8 days of going live we managed to get to number one for four of our targeted search terms in a major search engine. So our rough estimation of 1-2 weeks for individual listings to show up in search results looks to be about right.

We shall see over the next few days how much traffic these search terms bring to our website and whether that traffic is generates any good leads.

ford puma in hastings eastbourne east sussexI guess one of our next tasks is to get more people to list their used cars on this site as at present we only have a Ford Puma in Sussex listed. With quite a high cost to list your car compared to other websites this might be a challenge but factor in that it’s about two hours work for a SEO specialist to prepare each listing then it’s quite good value. The proof of the pudding is in the eating they say so if we can demonstrate solid results of improved final value sales then the listing fee will be worth it.