Free International SMS Providers

December 15, 2008

Are you looking for Free International SMS?

When it comes to sending Free International SMS there is no such thing! Well with the notable exception of sending to a few countries. USA & India for example where the recipient pays the cost.

In general it costs to send a SMS Text Message to most networks. Providers of Free SMS services are absorbing the costs themselves and are not providing Free SMS at all. Their hope is that you will sign up to their other products & services and so help to pay for your free SMS or in the case of non reputable providers to harvest mobile numbers of you and your recipient or charge you the read the message (horror stories of upto £5 just to read a free SMS have been heard of).

It’s important to read the small print of of the Terms and Conditions of Free SMS suppliers. Some reputable suppliers will limit the the number of messages you can send in a day or destinations you can send to. You and your recipient may be asked to both sign up to receive SMS or you may be given Free SMS in return for receiving SMS adverts, whatever the conditions do take before signing up.

For non reputable suppliers you’re likely to be ripped off, scammed and spammed. As soon give away your mobile number and that of your recipient chances are you & your colleague will spammed continually thereafter and your details sold on to other scammers/spammers. Some Phoenix companies offering free SMS for life for a fixed fee, may after getting you to part with your cash, just shut down and re-emerge under a different name, keeping your hard-earned and not providing you a service. There is even one scam we’ve heard of that allows you to send a free SMS Text Message but requires the recipient the pay a fee to read it. What the recipient is unaware of is this might be £5, absolutley incredible.

Well now you know all about sending Free International SMS and the many pitfalls to watch out for; who can you trust? Well we can’t go into all the suppliers out there but we can tell you about ourselves:

FAB Enterprises’ Free International SMS offer allows you to send SMS Text Messages to over 160 countries worldwide absolutely free!!! We only use the best most reliable routes/gateways in order to send your message so you are guaranteed high speed, high availability and reliable delivery. Why is it free? Well there is a catch…but it’s a nice one! Affiliation….In order for us to provide you free SMS you’ll need to do something for us in return, recommend our products to others. As soon a friend or colleague or visitor to a website of your’s buys something from us on any of our websites we will pay you a referral fee in the form of Free SMS which we credit to a Sending Account. You can then use your free SMS with a variety our SMS sending products like “Web SMS” a browser based sender, “FAB SMS Addin for MS Outlook” or Text1066 a fun SMS Text Back product.

Our Free International SMS Affiliate programme is not quite ready but will be available very soon in the meantime if you want be notified as soon as it available either sign-up to our FAB newsletter or Text the keyword FREESMS to 01424 400007 and we’ll let you know when it is ready.

Just a quick note, it should be quite easy to earn referral fees as we have a number of different types of websites for you to recommend, from our Business and fun SMS services to a video games website, craft website and a automotive site, all of which pay generous referral fees. – SMS Solutions for Small Businesses