Motivational Quotes by SMS

January 19, 2009

Add a little zing in your life with a motivational quote by SMS.

Text MOTIVATION to 01424 401066 and get back an inspiring quote to keep going if you’ve lost a little bit of drive. (UK Only)

Quotes are just charged your normal network rate and you get five free quotes before you are prompted to register/sign up for a SMS sending account.

This is mainly aimed at business owners who have lost a little bit of drive during this downturn. We decided to add MOTIVATION to list of many other keywords you can send to this number as it can be hard to find that drive when the outlook for the economy is not that good. Some example of the quotes you can receive are

  • Success is not so much what we have it’s what we are.
  • All you efforts are like money in the bank.
  • Man’s greatest limitation is the one created in his own mind.

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