Send SMS bigger than 160 characters

April 10, 2009

Being restricted to 160 characters can be a bit of a bind when sending SMS text messages to customers, staff and colleagues. To bring us in line with some of our competitors we are please to say we can now send text messages bigger than 160 characters to compatible mobiles. The theorectical size of a SMS text message we can send is now 38,250 characters long. Yes you read that right 38,250 characters, long  enough to send the first four chapters of Tolstoys’s War and Peace! It would only take 83 of our super-sized messages to send the entire book!

So how does it work?

Well it’s a little smoke a mirrors really, it’s not physically possible to send a message bigger than 160 characters instead we send lots of smaller messages that reform on a compatible handset to make one long SMS message. You get billed for each of the smaller messages but the limit of 160 characters can now be ignored if need to get your message across 

For more information and to send SMS bigger than 160 characters from your computer please visit our main website at


Introducing Web SMS from FAB

March 31, 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of Web SMS, a new SMS service for sending and receiving SMS text messages using your browser.

Utilising the same SMS sending account as our popular FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook you can now choose between sending SMS via your desktop and now via the Web.


  • Easy to use: we’ve designed our Web SMS service to be as familiar as using Web based email.
  • No specialised hardware or software to install, just use your favourite Web Browser to send and receive SMS messages.
  • Quick & reliable; messages are typically delivered within seconds using high quality routes to ensure delivery.
  • Saves time contacting multiple recipients when compared to traditional telephone contact.
  • Save money when compared to other marketing media or sending SMS to international destinations.
  • Use either or both WebSMS and the FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook to send & receive SMS from your computer

When used in conjuction with a dedicated inbound SMS number, WebSMS allows you to receive replies and/or have inbound SMS delivered straight to your personal SMS inbox. This provides a complete online SMS solution.

For more information about acquiring a dedicated inbound SMS number please visit our website at , call us 0844 884 2535, email us or Text Us on 01424 400007 (which we will receive in our online inbox)

If you already have a SMS account with us you can login now and start enjoying the benefits of WebSMS. Alternatively if you would like to know more click the “tell me more” button below.