SMS to email

October 3, 2008

So how can you receive an SMS as an email?

Well, there are several ways to get that SMS to email functionality. The main ones are:

  • Have a mobile attached to a PC with some kind of polling software to monitor inbound SMS messages and convert them into an email and send it. This has obvious drawbacks as the PC will need to be on all the time and you have email software installed on the PC in addition to have the technical knowledge to do it
  • Another SMS to email solution would be to register a Inbound SMS Geographic Number, this is UK long number that looks like a landline eg 020 718718718 for example. There are a couple of suppliers out there that can provide this including us, prices statrt at £59.95
  • The next SMS to email option is Virtual Mobile Numbers, these look like real mobile numbers but are hosted virtually at a main networks SMSC. Virtual Mobile Numbers can receive quite a few SMS at a time 10-20 per second so quite good if you are looking to host competitions or expecting high volume response. We sell these for £600 per year but can get them a little cheaper elsewhere. We add a few extra features with ours which can potentially open up more possibilities for yourselves.
  • Next up on the SMS to email front is Hosted SIM, this is where we or another supplier take your SIM card and host it at a datacentre or SMSC. Great throughput again as you are directly connected to the main network and you have the added bonus of keeping your SIM at the end of the subscription period. Hosting a SIM also allows you to accept SMS as email on a foreign number.
  • Last up on the SMS to email front are Short Codes. and Short Codes with Keywords. This can be an expensive option for your SMS to email needs, typically £800 to have the same shortcode across all 4 networks or £50 a month per keyword on a Shared Shortcode. Although shortcodes are the most familiar option with most consumers recognising them; it can be just out of the price range for most small businesses.

So there you have it 5 different ways for your business receive SMS as an email, which one you choose is down to your budget or number preference, Geographic Number, Long Mobile number (mobile attached to PC), Long Mobile Number (Virtual Mobile Number), Hosted SIM (Your own number) or a Short Code (5 digit number).

For more information have a look our main FAB Enterprises & Innovations Ltd website where we have a comparision chart for three of these options.