SMS Autoresponders

October 2, 2008

Great news we have now completed the first phase of our SMS Autoresponder offering.

SMS Autoresponders work just like regular email autoresponders in that they return a preset piece of information to every message sent to an Mobile Number. We have enabled SMS Autoresponders on our Inbound Geographic Numbers and our new Virtual Mobile Numbers that both receive SMS from UK networks.

We’re hoping to see businesses and organisations come up with creative uses for SMS Autoresponders, one such idea that we have in mind is for schools to be able to provide status updates. If there is bad weather for example parents to Text in to see if the school is closed or not, of course this could be done with an Broadcast SMS but option to Text In could be of benefit. Also lets say if a coach of pupils is running late returning from a field trip, SMS Autoresponders could be set up to give estimated time of arrival, thus allowing parents collecting pupils to make suitable arrangements.

The next phase of our SMS Autoresponders will include the option schedule the response at a later time rather than instant, multiple responses over different times/days and with different Texts and different responses based on keywords in the message received. For more information have a look at

SMS Autoresponders